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Gynecology Q & A


What happens during a gynecology check-up?


During an annual gynecology check-up, Dr. Lori evaluates your overall female health and wellness. This visit usually includes a pelvic exam and clinical breast exam and may include other tests like a Pap smear.


Dr. Lori needs your input to give you the best care, so she asks questions about a variety of topics including:

  • Menstrual period frequency and duration

  • Symptoms before and during your period

  • Sexual partners

  • Birth control

  • Symptoms during sex

  • Pregnancy plans

  • Hormone changes


How often do you need a Pap smear?


Pap smears are critical for monitoring female health because they identify early signs of cervical cancer.

Starting at age 21, you should have a Pap smear every three years until age 65. After that, you may be able to discontinue Pap smears if your last few tests were clear. Dr. Lori lets you know when it's safe to stop having Pap smears.


What are the most common gynecology problems?

Dr. Lori provides compassionate, expert care for women diagnosed with a wide range of female health issues.




Fibroids occur in most women and often resolve on their own. If you require treatment, fibroids respond to either medication or minimally invasive surgery.




PCOS affects mainly young women and can cause problems like irregular periods and weight gain. Treatments vary from lifestyle changes to hormone therapy.




The pain from endometriosis can range from extreme to unnoticeable, and treatment varies from medication to minimally invasive surgery. In some cases, hysterectomy is the best solution for endometriosis, but only if you’re finished having children.


Do I need a hysterectomy?


A hysterectomy means surgical removal of your uterus and the end of fertility. When you’ve decided you’re finished having children, Dr. Lori might recommend a hysterectomy if other treatments for health problems like endometriosis haven’t worked for you.


Dr. Lori is here to help with all of your female health needs. Make an appointment now to arrange a visit.

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