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IUD Placement and Removal Q & A


What IUD options are available?


There are two types of IUD: copper and hormone. All IUDs prevent the sperm from fertilizing your eggs.



ParaGard®, the copper IUD, lasts up to 10 years. You usually experience menstruation as you normally would, but some women experience heavier-than-normal periods.


The progestin hormone levonorgestrel in Mirena thickens your cervical mucus. Mirena lasts for five years and sometimes up to seven years. Many women experience lighter periods or even no periods while wearing Mirena.


Liletta contains the same dose of levonorgestrel as Mirena. This IUD works for up to four years. As with Mirena, many women have lighter periods or stop menstruating while wearing a Liletta IUD.


Kyleena contains a lower dose of levonorgestrel than Mirena or Liletta and works for five years. Due to the lower hormone dose, you’re more likely to have regular periods with Kyleena.


Skyla releases a lower dose of levonorgestrel than any of the other hormonal IUDs, so you’re more likely to have normal periods with this IUD. Skyla prevents pregnancy for three years.

How effective are IUDs?

IUDs are more than 99% effective. One of the significant advantages of an IUD is that once Dr. Lori places the IUD in your uterus, you don’t have to worry about birth control again for years.

How does IUD placement work?

IUD placement is quick and easy. Dr. Lori performs IUD placements on site at Caring for Women's Health, and the process takes less than five minutes in most cases. You can schedule your appointment at your convenience, even if you’re menstruating or just had a baby.

To receive an IUD, you first place your legs in stirrups, just like during your annual pelvic exam. Next, Dr. Lori gently inserts a speculum in your vagina to allow the insertion device to pass through with the IUD.

While Dr. Lori places the IUD, you might feel mild cramping. This discomfort is entirely normal and abates quickly.

What if I want to have a baby?

If you decide to try and conceive, schedule an appointment with Dr. Lori. IUD removal is fast and easy. After your appointment, you can begin trying for your new baby right away.

If you're looking for reliable, easy, long-term birth control, an IUD might be ideal. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Lori now.

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