• Dr. Lori Davidson

COVID-19 Statement

As with everyone in the healthcare industry Dr. Davidson and the staff of Caring for Women’s Health take the current situation caused by the COVID-19 virus seriously.

We plan to continue to see and treat our patients. We encourage patients who are showing any signs of any illness to cancel their appointments.

If you think you may be infected with the COVID-19 virus, please call the Indiana State Department of Health's COVID-19 Call Center 877-826-0011 for guidance. DO NOT go to your doctor’s office. 

Telehealth Services Now Available

Telehealth visits are a quick and easy way to “see” Dr. Davidson for many issues. You can connect with video and audio from any Apple or Android device. The connections are managed by iSalus an Indianapolis company we have been working with since 2017. The service is easy, secure and 100% HIPAA compliant. Some health insurance plans wave the co-pays for Telehealth visits.

The visits are easy to be initiated. We have created a guide to help you better understand the system. You can download it here Telehealth Visits with Dr, Davidson

Steps we are taking to help prevent the spread of illness in our office

  • Facemasks are utilized by our medical staff. Patients must wear a mask when they are in the office. We will provide a facemask for any patient that does not have one.

  • We take the temperature of every patient upon arrival at our office.

  • We have facemasks available for any patient that comes to the office with any kind of respiratory problem.

  • We are providing paper tissues in the waiting area for use by patients and a covered bio-hazard container for their disposal.

  • We are providing hand sanitizer for our patients throughout our office.

  • We have posted informational posters on respiratory hygiene, hand washing and about the COVID-19 Virus throughout our office.

  • We regularly communicate with our staff about the current status of the situation and share information with them from the CDC, World Health Organization and the Indiana Department of Health.

  • We ask patients to visit the office alone if possible. Limiting the number of patients in our reception area lessens the possible spread of any illness.

  • We are reviewing our cleaning policies, so we continue to provide a clean and safe environment for our patients and staff. We are also always looking for new ways to enhance the cleanliness of our office.

  • We are communicating with the building management to assure that the special cleaning procedures that are already in place for the two medical practices in the building are followed. We are also examining other options that might enhance the cleanliness of the building.

If you need to reschedule your appointment or convert an existing appointment to a telehealth visit please call our office’s primary number 317-893-3131 and press 2. If you have health-related questions press 3 to be connected to a member of our medical staff.

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